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Our Process

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Three of the most important things you'll need to decide is: What do you want to build, where do you want to build, and what is your budget?

This may sound obvious, but how do you get started? Martin Homes can help with all 3 decisions. In fact, Martin Homes can help you determine your priorities in both decisions then help you attain those priorities in both house, location, and price.

Since most land/lots available for residential building are listed with real estate brokers, you will be introduced to an experience agent to help you in your search for a suitable location.

Determining a house plan can go a couple of different ways. You can search plan books or internet home plan sites for a plan that is at least close to what you want or you can start from scratch with an architect or plan design company. Martin Homes has a roster of architect/plan design firms that you can introduced to for help in tweaking a current plan or starting from scratch. Some firms are more affordable than others so budget is not an issue. Martin Homes is with you every step of the way in this process to be sure everything is thought of in determining your home's design.

Good planning is the key to any successful project, so it's never too early to get started on location and design. This includes determining your budget. Martin Homes has many designs for your consideration as well as building locations. However, you don't want to limit yourself in these searches. Let us help! Remember, this is about you!

Once location and plan design are determined, you will need to obtain financing. Your personal bank is a great place to start! Here again, Martin Homes can provide you with other financing resources to consider and compare to.

OK, you've determined what you want to build, where to build and how much are you are spending. Financing is in place so when do we start? Just as soon as you and the weather say to start.

It will take a few weeks to close on the lot and get the required building permits. Then the fun begins!

Below is a general guideline that shows on the left column what Martin Homes is doing and about how long to for that process. In the right hand column is a list of things you should be picking out so they can be ordered and available for install in a timely way. This Web site provides you a list of preferred vendors, their locations and a contact name and number this process easy!

Click here to download a pdf for easy printing.

Martin Homes
Homebuilding Planning and Timeline
Building Stage Timeline Items to Be Ordered

Phase 1 —Martin Homes

Stake Lot
Pour Foundation
Plumbing Groundwork
Pour Basement Floor

4-5 weeks Phase 1—Homeowners

Window Package
Roofing Materials

Phase 2

Frame home
Install Fireplace
Install Roofing Materials

5-7 weeks

Phase 2

Interior/Exterior Doors
Plumbing Fixtures
Hardwood Flooring
Garage Doors

Phase 3

Rough-ins (Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical)

4 weeks

Phase 3

Lighting Fixtures
Security, Home Theatre
Electrical Layout

Phase 4

Wood Flooring
Install Stone/Brick

4 weeks

Phase 4

Drywall Finish
Design Built-ins
Gutter Color
Exterior Paint Color

Phase 5


4-6 weeks

Phase 5

Case/base style
Door/Cabinet Hardware
Bathroom Hardware
Shower Doors
Closet Design
Interior Paint Color
Deck Design

Phase 6

Interior Paint/Stain
Pour Driveway/Walks
Build Deck

4-5 weeks

Phase 7

Exterior Paint
Plumbing Fixtures
Shower Doors
Finish Hardwood
Garage Door Openers
Security, Home Theatre, etc.
Irrigation, Sod, Retaining Walls
Final Clean

3-4 weeks




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